2015 UNI MiniSumo Smackdown Video Available

To see the complete video of the April 24, 2015, UNI MiniSumo Smackdown, go to the following Youtube Link:



The 2015 Sumo Smackdown was from 9:00 am - noon, Friday, April 24. Again, UNI Physics provided free shipping for the first five builders to ship in a timely manner.

Sainsmart provided three door prizes for visiting builders: A $100-prize and two $50 drawing prizes. All builders of visiting robots were entered in this drawing, which could be used, for example, to purchase several Sainsmart UNO microcontrollers from the Sainsmart website.

Also, publishers of Nuts and Volts and Servo provided free one-year subscriptions to four builders, as well as free copies of their 2015 publications (both in paper and in electronic form). And, Sainlab, a new company founded by a UNI student Salil Kalghatgi, in collaboration with Sainsmart, is working toward the development of a virtual makerspace dedicated to minisumo robotics and related topics. Finally, two truly spectacular plaque awards were awarded, one to the top visiting builder (Allan Saenz, EL MATADOR), and one to the top student competitor (Ethan Hunter, MYSTERY GOO).

As an aid to persons interested in the 2016 UNI MiniSumo Smackdown, the registration form for the April 24, 2015, UNI MiniSumo Smackdown remains posted below. Contact Dale Olson by email at dale.olson@uni.edu if you have questions.

Descriptions of UNI Summer 2016 robotics-themed summer camps will become available at the following link, during spring 2016: www.uni.edu/camps.  

The image below is from the 2014 UNI MiniSumo Smackdown.

Waterloo Girl Scouts Compete