Eleventh annual UNI MiniSumo Smackdown is complete. Overall winner: Artemis, by Nathan Burnside. Student competition winner: Seamus by Ron Pepmeyer.

The overal winner was ARTEMIS, built by Nathan Burnside, of Los Alamos, NM, pictured below.

The winning student robot was SEAMUS, built and programmed by Ron Pepmeyer, pictured at the very bottom.2016 overall winner ARTEMIS, by Nathan Burnside

The April 22, 2016 MiniSumo Smackdown was again broadcast live on the internet. The video recording of the event can be viewed at: 


 In support of the 2017 competition, a link is provided here to the video recording of the April 22 2016, Smackdown.  (Winner:  ARTEMIS by Nathan Burnside, Second place: EL MATADOR, by Allan Saenz, and Student Winner SEAMUS, by Ron Pepmeyer.)

 University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Student Union Hemisphere Lounge, 9:00 am - 11:00 am. (UNI is located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.)

The standings for this event are available at: 


Fourteen student robots and ten visiting robots (nine pictured below) battled for the two top (plaque) awards, one to the overall winner, and one to the top student builder. Visiting robots came from Los Alamos, NM (4), Fort Wayne, IN (1), Peroria, IL (4), and Cedar Falls, IA. (1). Students from Biology, Computer Science, Movement and Exercise Science, Physics, Science Education, and Technology (manufacturing with Metal Casting Emphasis) participated.

2016 Smackdown Visiting Robots

The video record of the April 24, 2015, Smackdown is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upMtYaPrrrM  

The video record of the April 22, 2016, Smackdown will be posted here when available.

A copy of a student report, by Ethan Hunter, from the 2015 class  is available on the Sumo Resources section of this webpage.

2016 Student Winner SEAMUS, by Ron Pepmeyer