2012 Camp v1

The 3rd UNI MiniSumo Robotics Camp was held June, June 18 - 22, 2012. 

Twelve campers constructed mini-sumo robots during this one-week camp.  Campers were from north-east Iowa (nine), Ohio (one) and Minnesota (two).  Students learned to control LED's, and motors, using Forth code.  Mechanical assembly of robots was completed, including building a chassis, attaching motors, line sensors and opponents sensors, and an on-board computer.  

The goal was to complete a robot that would not drive off of a black circular arena bounded by a thin white line, and also which would seek out an opponent and push the opponent off of the arena. Students were encouraged to demonstrate creativity by adding unique features to their chassis design, and by adding extra sensors.  

Twist_Tie Robot

Also, students were encouraged to provide their robots with extra capabilities such as following a line, or driving as part of a team of robots all following a complicated line while also maintaining uniform spacing at a distance controlled by each students on-board computer.   Students also visited UNI research labs, and met college students involved in summer research programs.

The camp ended with a lively presentation to parents and the public, in which student built robots competed in a double elimination tournament. A family watches the final competition


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