9th Annual UNI Sumo Smackdown - April 18, 2014

The Smackdown starts at 9:00 am Friday morning, and usually is done by 11:30 am. The event is held in the Hemisphere Lounge of Maucker Union, on the UNI Campus.

The downloadable Registration Form (pdf format) for the 2014 Competiton is posted below.  (Please note that the competition has been moved one week earlier, to April 18, 2014, a change fromthe originally announced date.)

Some changes for 2014

1. Shipping costs for five builders are 'covered.'

The first five visiting robots will have their shipping costs fully covered.  Specifically the five builders of the first five shipped robots received between Friday, March 28 and Friday, April 11, 2014, will be issued one (and only one) Amazon.com gift card in the amount of $40.  One gift card per builder only.  Builders of course, may send multiple robots, but we would request a check for $20 per robot to cover return shipping costs for any additional robots after the first.

2. SainSmart is offering a $200 door prize.

The SainSmart door prize will be for the purchase of products from the SainSmart web site. All builders of ship-in robots are eligible. (Sorry students.) One builder's name will be drawn from a "hat".

3. The publisher of Nuts and Volts/Servo magazines is providing free copies of their publications which will be distributed to all participants as possible.

With your shipped sumo, please include detailed written operating instructions..  As a precaution, please enclose a check for $20 made out to the "UNI Physics Department" to cover return shipping costs.  If yours is one of the first five robots received we will void your check.  The shipping address is shown on the 2014 registration form available below.

Some action from the 2013 competition:  Photo at lower right shows DOZER pushing MAGNUS near the edge of the arena.DOZER pushes MAGNUS on the edge (2013)


For 2014 we will follow the rules used the the Central Illinois Robotics Club. The link follows:


Sumo rules are discussed by Pete Miles in his book Robot Sumo, The Official Guide ISBN 0-07222617-X, 2002 McGraw-Hill Osborne.



A post about the 2013 Sumo Competition appeared in Robotic Magazine.  This posting has been available here:


A photo from the 2012 competition is shown below.


Julie vs MarkIII

To download the 2014 MiniSumo ShipIn Registration Form, click on "1 Attachment" below.  (For information on 2014 camps, click the 'Robotics Camps' tab on the left side bar.)

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